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Re: [eclipse-pmc] [epp-dev] Roll-out of the Solstice Intro/Welcome theme (was Re: Solstice Intro/Welcome theme)

> First, each EPP package, like the Platform and SDK products, define their own custom product definitions.

Thanks for that education. I assumed they somehow inherit from the platform.


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Date:        30.03.2016 04:59
Subject:        Re: [eclipse-pmc] [epp-dev] Roll-out of the Solstice Intro/Welcome        theme (was         Re:        Solstice Intro/Welcome theme)
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Hi Dani.

Is there a bug to include the bw png in the SDK?

Bug 489778?  If you mean CQ, no, there isn’t.  I didn’t think one was required since it’s an Eclipse image taken from the Solstice web theme for projects to use for their web pieces.

If we set the new theme as default, I don't think the EPPs have to do any additional work. I will review bug 489778 tomorrow.

That’s not the case, for two reasons.

First, each EPP package, like the Platform and SDK products, define their own custom product definitions.  Since the “introBrandingImage” product property doesn’t support referencing the image defined elsewhere, the purple logo was already copied into each package (as intro-eclipse.png), and fixing “introBrandingImage” required much more work than to just copy in the B&W logo, I chose the simplest solution and following the precedent of the purple logo and copied the 4666-byte B&W logo into each package.

We could avoid copying in both images if each of the packages used the Platform or SDK product definition.  But each packages defines their own product definition so as to have custom branding.

               value="Welcome to the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers">
               value="Eclipse Project">

Changing the introBrandingImage to reference the B&W logo isn’t ideal in that it may be illegible should the user choose a different theme (as the purple logo is for the Solstice theme). But that is true of any theme change: the purple logo may not look right for other themes.  And I don’t think users change their themes in practice.

Second, each package needs some work to define the quick-start actions that make sense for that package.  For the  Testing package, for example, it makes sense to have actions for creating new test projects.  The _javascript_ package, on the other hand, has actions for creating new Cordova projects and new Faceted Web projects.  The JEE package would provide actions for creating Faceted Web projects too.  The Committers package, like the RCP package, would provide actions for creating Plug-in Projects.  

The extra work to adapt a package to the Solstice theme is:

1.        To adopt the Solstice theme:
1.        copy in the B&W logo
2.        change the introBrandingImage
3.        change the theme in the plugin_customization.ini
2.        To use the quicklinks:
1.        change specify the INTRO_START_PAGE and INTRO_HOME_PAGE in their plugin_customization.ini
2.        configure the quicklinks in their plugin.xml by extending the org.eclipse.ui.intro.quicklinks extension point

We could avoid steps 1.1 – 1.3 and 2.1 by having the packages use the org.eclipse.platform.ide product, but they’d lose the custom branding.  And those steps are purely mechanical.  Step 2.2 would be required of all packages, regardless of whether they defined their own product or not.

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