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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Roll-out of the Solstice Intro/Welcome theme (was Re: Solstice Intro/Welcome theme)

Hi Dani.

1.        Add a new black-and-white Eclipse logo as ‘intro-eclipse-bw.png’; the packages already include an purple-and-orange ’intro-eclipse.png’.

Why do you need such a logo? The new theme looks more focused on orange color.

The purple lettering doesn’t show up on the purple header.

2.        Change the default intro theme from ’org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal.slate’ to ’org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal.solstice’

Do you expect this to happen in the Platform and SDK or rather in the packages?

Both.  I’ve opened bug 489778 and pushed up a patch for the Platform and SDK IDE products, and am working my way through the EPP packages.


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