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Re: [cdt-dev] BUG? Automatically genertaged include dependency

I've finally revealed the main reason.
It might be due to the cache with symbolic link folder.
I was really confused because sometimes all is ok, but sometimes it is

1. Make a project, two header files and one source file including both.
2. Build it. The source has two dependencies for both of header files.
2. Close the project from the project explorer.
3. Move it another folder out of the workspace or just another named folder
in the workspace.
4. Link it as a symbolic link with same name before.
5. Open again the project into the project explorer. Fine.
6. Commentate one include statement from the source.(=dropping dependency of
one header file from the source)
7. Build the project.
8. It never dropped the dependency!!! Whenever you modify the
dependency-dropped header file, it would always rebuild even though the
source do not have the include(=dependency) for that!!!

Really funny... huh?

9. Close the project again.
10. Remove the symbolic link.
11. Rename it to original folder.
12. Open the project again.
13. Touch the source and build the project.(=rebuild the source)
14. Now, the dependency would be dropped! Fine. Although you might modify
the header file, nothing would happen because the source file doesn't have
the dependency for that.

So coooooooooooool.........

It might be a eclipse's bug or not. I have no idea about this.
Any idea?
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