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Re: [cdt-dev] BUG? Automatically genertaged include dependency

I've recognized that this problem is only presented when I re-make the
project from the already existing eclipse project.
For the test, I made a simpler project rather than before, one main source
file and one header file.
Build, modify the header file, and again build... all steps are fine.
After deleting it from the Project Explorer leaving contents, I've made
again it as an empty project, but in same directory just before.
During these way, Eclipse just warned me "Directory with specified name
already exists!" and next "Old project will be overridden." Nothing more.
All looks fine. But, in this time, if I modify the header file, the build
process just say - Nothing to be done for 'all' !!!!!!! Oh, dear!!!
What's happening on this project? Any idea?

Wieant Nielander wrote:
>> p.s. How could I redirect this issue to the CDT newsgroup? Sorry, I'm
>> first
>> time to use it.:-D
> See:
> Here you'll find the newsgroup url + a link to register.
>> -MMD -MP -MF"src/Test.d" -MT"src/Test.d"
>> In my opinion, the target option is incorrect, i.e. it should be
>> -MT"src/Test.o".
>> My autotools-generated makefiles use such that manner and work very well.
>> But I couldn't find how I can change that compile option on ECLIPSE.
> The -MT adds an extra target, so "src/Test.d" should be fine. When you
> post to the newsgroup you best include the complete rule, this can be
> found in the 'src/' file and looks something like:
> src/%.o: ../src/%.cpp
>    @echo ...
>    g++ ...
>    @echo ...
> Also post the gcc version you are using (g++ --version)
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