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Re: [cdt-dev] BUG? Automatically genertaged include dependency

> p.s. How could I redirect this issue to the CDT newsgroup? Sorry, I'm first
> time to use it.:-D

Here you'll find the newsgroup url + a link to register.

> -MMD -MP -MF"src/Test.d" -MT"src/Test.d"
> In my opinion, the target option is incorrect, i.e. it should be
> -MT"src/Test.o".
> My autotools-generated makefiles use such that manner and work very well.
> But I couldn't find how I can change that compile option on ECLIPSE.

The -MT adds an extra target, so "src/Test.d" should be fine. When you
post to the newsgroup you best include the complete rule, this can be
found in the 'src/' file and looks something like:
src/%.o: ../src/%.cpp
   @echo ...
   g++ ...
   @echo ...
Also post the gcc version you are using (g++ --version)

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