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Re: [cdt-dev] BUG? Automatically genertaged include dependency

> I've found a bug(?) of dependency.
> For the test, I made 3 files, (1)Test.cpp, (2)Test.hpp, and
> (3)TestOther.hpp. In the first part of (1)Test.cpp, it includes both of the
> header files, (2) and (3).
> If I change (2) and build it, the change is applied, so it rebuilds again
> well. But if I change (3) and build it, there is nothing, rather the build
> process say "make: Nothing to be done for `all'."
> It is just a simple example, but doesn't work. 
> Is it a BUG? or Any IDEA?
> I append the auto-generated dependency file contents, Test.d:
> src/Test.d: ../src/Test.cpp ../src/Test.hpp ../src/TestOther.hpp
> > 
> > ../src/Test.hpp:
> > 
> > ../src/TestOther.hpp:

This dependency file does not seem correct, normally it should contain
something like:

src/Test.o : ../src/Test.cpp ../src/Test.hpp ../src/TestOther.cpp

as it is the object file that depends on the .cpp and .hpp files.
Which versions of Eclipse and CDT are you using, and which toolchain
have you selected for the above issue? Also I think it would be
appreciated if you could redirect this issue to the CDT newsgroup:

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