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Re: [cdt-dev] BUG? Automatically genertaged include dependency

Thanks for your reply.

Wieant Nielander wrote:
>> I've found a bug(?) of dependency.
>> For the test, I made 3 files, (1)Test.cpp, (2)Test.hpp, and
>> (3)TestOther.hpp. In the first part of (1)Test.cpp, it includes both of
>> the
>> header files, (2) and (3).
>> If I change (2) and build it, the change is applied, so it rebuilds again
>> well. But if I change (3) and build it, there is nothing, rather the
>> build
>> process say "make: Nothing to be done for `all'."
>> It is just a simple example, but doesn't work. 
>> Is it a BUG? or Any IDEA?
>> I append the auto-generated dependency file contents, Test.d:
>> src/Test.d: ../src/Test.cpp ../src/Test.hpp ../src/TestOther.hpp
>> > 
>> > ../src/Test.hpp:
>> > 
>> > ../src/TestOther.hpp:
> This dependency file does not seem correct, normally it should contain
> something like:
> src/Test.o : ../src/Test.cpp ../src/Test.hpp ../src/TestOther.cpp
> as it is the object file that depends on the .cpp and .hpp files.
Really, I mean it. So I've carefully looked at the compile logs, then I've
found some automatically-generated options likely being a reason of the

-MMD -MP -MF"src/Test.d" -MT"src/Test.d"

In my opinion, the target option is incorrect, i.e. it should be
My autotools-generated makefiles use such that manner and work very well.
But I couldn't find how I can change that compile option on ECLIPSE.

Wieant Nielander wrote:
> Which versions of Eclipse and CDT are you using, and which toolchain
> have you selected for the above issue? Also I think it would be
> appreciated if you could redirect this issue to the CDT newsgroup:
>   news://
> _______________________________________________
> cdt-dev mailing list
> cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
I downloaded Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers from the official website.
Certainly, I'm using:
Eclipse Platform
Version: 3.3.0
Build id: I20070621-1340

Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools
Build id: 200706261300

And I'm using the Linux GCC toolchain with the Gnu Make Builder. 
I've even tried to use the CDT Internal Builder, but same problem.

p.s. How could I redirect this issue to the CDT newsgroup? Sorry, I'm first
time to use it.:-D
Thanks again.

Best regards,
Kiwon Um.

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