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[cdt-dev] BUG? Automatically genertaged include dependency


I've found a bug(?) of dependency.
For the test, I made 3 files, (1)Test.cpp, (2)Test.hpp, and
(3)TestOther.hpp. In the first part of (1)Test.cpp, it includes both of the
header files, (2) and (3).

If I change (2) and build it, the change is applied, so it rebuilds again
well. But if I change (3) and build it, there is nothing, rather the build
process say "make: Nothing to be done for `all'."

It is just a simple example, but doesn't work. 
Is it a BUG? or Any IDEA?

I append the auto-generated dependency file contents, Test.d:

src/Test.d: ../src/Test.cpp ../src/Test.hpp ../src/TestOther.hpp
> ../src/Test.hpp:
> ../src/TestOther.hpp:


Best Regards,
Kiwon Um
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