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Date: 2020-01-07


  • Ivar

  • Kevin

  • Dmitry

  • Steve

Jakarta EE 9 Plan

Proposal: The PMC votes +1 to the plan.
No objections.

Follow migration to Jakarta installation of Nexus in the parent pom

Changes need to be done in the pom by PR or otherwise. Tom has submitted a PR -

  • Merge (PMC member)

  • Release to Maven Central. Dmitry will do this as soon as the PR is merged.

  • Release to Eclipse Nexus will automatically also release to Maven Central?

Projects will then need to update to the newer version of the parent. We will test it first, then send instructions to the projects on how to proceed.



Move draft agendas and minutes from Ivar’s personal drive to EF shared drive. Make readable for everyone with the link. Editable by the PMC.

  • Move the docs and set up sharing - Ivar

  • Fix the calendar invite and split out the platform call somehow - Ivar

  • PMC members: follow instructions and update your bookmarks when comunicated

Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 4 at 17:00 CET (11:00AM ET, 08:00AM PT)

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