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Date: 2020-08-04


  • Kevin Sutter (IBM)

  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)

  • Kenji Kazumura (Fujitsu)

Open Liberty Certification Requests

  • Ivar has reviewed them and posted a +1 on both Issues. He also posted the “Acceptance” label. So, these are ready to go. Thanks!

Dependent Specifications

  • Kenji asked about how to process Specification PRs that depend on the Platform TCK, specifically the Interceptors Spec

    • The Spec PR should be labeled with the “Platform” label to indicate a dependency on the Platform.

    • Kenji should still go ahead with this Review Approval for the Interceptors PR, and remove the “draft” label.

    • The ballot will need to wait until the Platform is ready for ballot.

Quickly reviewed PRs that might be ready for ballot.

  • Dependency Injection was Approved by Ed.

  • But, technically, it’s not ready for a ballot yet since there are some changes required in the file related to the TCK artifacts.

  • Kevin will post these updates as Review Comments so that the PR doesn’t accidentally go to ballot before these changes are done. I will also leave the “draft” label on the PR until these changes are done.

Initiating ballots…

Clean up PMC Page

  • Ivar’s actions from last week — he’ll follow up on these when he gets back in the office on Monday…

  • Actions:

    • Clear out Wayne’s status - Ivar

    • Shouldn’t Kenji be listed a committer as well? - Ivar

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