Uninstalling Che

Uninstalling Che removes all Che-related user data!

To uninstall an instance of Eclipse Che 7.50:

  1. Obtain the name of the Che namespace (default: eclipse-che):

    $ kubectl get checluster --all-namespaces \
  2. Remove the Che instance from the <eclipse-che> namespace:

    $ chectl server:delete -n <eclipse-che>
  3. When uninstalling Che from a Minikube cluster, remove the dex and <eclipse-che> namespace.

    $ kubectl delete namespaces dex <eclipse-che>

If Che was installed from the OpenShift web console, chectl will not uninstall the Dev Workspace operator. To uninstall the Dev Workspace Operator, see Deleting the Dev Workspace Operator dependency.