The Kubernetes-Native IDE for Developer Teams

Eclipse CheĀ®

The Kubernetes-Native IDE for Developer Teams

Eclipse Che makes Kubernetes development accessible for developer teams, providing one-click developer workspaces and eliminating local environment configuration for your entire team. Che brings your Kubernetes application into your development environment and provides an in-browser IDE, allowing you to code, build, test and run applications exactly as they run on production from any machine.

Try Eclipse Che using the online service hosted by Red Hat



Create workspaces for any language/framework.

Launch sample stack


QuickStart application with Quarkus on the JVM.

Launch sample stack


Official Python quick start tutorial.

How Eclipse Che Works

  • One-click centrally hosted workspaces
  • Kubernetes-native containerized development
  • In-browser extensible IDE

What's New

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Eclipse Che 7.0

Che 7 takes the best of Kubernetes to code your Kubernetes applications the easy way.

Learn about Che 7.0
Che 7.0

Eclipse Che

Centralized developer environments running on Kubernetes. Devfile: Developer Workspaces as Code. Kubernetes-native tools for Kubernetes developer teams

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  • Bitnami
  • Broadcom
  • Codenvy
  • Docker
  • Eclipse Source
  • eXo Platform
  • Google Summer of Code
  • IBM
  • Kichwa Coders
  • Nuxeo
  • RedHat
  • Restlet
  • Samsung
  • SAP
  • Serli
  • Silexica
  • SmartBear
  • Software AG
  • Tomibrite
  • Type Fox
  • WSO2
  • Yatta
  • Zend


Self-service Che workspaces hosted at

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Local Install

Install Eclipse Che on localhost or shared Kubernetes cluster.


Core Capabilities

Developer Environments for Teams

Host on your Kubernetes cluster and centralize developer environments. Onboard teams with powerful collaboration, workspace automation, and permissions. Developers in a team can use their local IDE or the Che browser IDE.

  • Share workspaces with anyone
  • Control workspace permissions
  • Use a browser or desktop IDE
  • Define resource limits for teams

One-Click Workspaces

Create workspaces from production runtimes containing your projects and tools. Get developer environments that are highly consistent, repeatable and reproducible.

  • "Dev mode" production environments
  • Code in Kubernetes pods
  • Enjoy built-in browser IDE
  • Codify developer workspaces config

Enterprise readiness and built-in security

Manage workspaces for your developer teams with programmable and customizable infrastructure that lets you control system performance, availability, and functionality.

  • Authenticate with Keycloak
  • Connect to LDAP or AD
  • In-House plug-ins and stacks registries
  • Built-in system monitoring

Feature Highlight

Devfile - Clonable, Reproducible, Lightweight Workspaces in Eclipse Che

Devfile provide an easy to configure, reproducible and portable developer workspaces needed to work on a project and integrates into any workflows to maximize the productivity of your team. "Dev mode" your production environment by replicating it in your developer workspaces.

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