Enabling users to run multiple workspaces simultaneously

By default, a user can run only one workspace at a time. You can enable users to run multiple workspaces simultaneously.

If using the default storage method, users might experience problems when concurrently running workspaces if pods are distributed across nodes in a multi-node cluster. Switching from the per-user common storage strategy to the per-workspace storage strategy or using the ephemeral storage type can avoid or solve those problems.

This configuration is part of the CheCluster Custom Resource:

      runningLimit: "<running_workspaces_limit>" (1)
1 Sets the maximum number of simultaneously running workspaces per user. The default value is 1.
  1. Get the name of the Che namespace. The default is eclipse-che.

    $ kubectl get checluster --all-namespaces \
  2. Configure the runningLimit:

    $ kubectl patch checluster/che -n eclipse-che \(1)
    --type='merge' -p \
    '{"spec":{"components":{"devWorkspace":{"runningLimit": "<running_workspaces_limit>"}}}}' (2)
    1 The Che namespace that you got in step 1.
    2 Your choice of the <running_workspaces_limit> value.