Installing Che on OpenShift using the web console

This section describes how to install Che using the OpenShift web console. Consider Installing Che on OpenShift using the chectl management tool instead.

  1. Optional: If you previously deployed Che on this OpenShift cluster, ensure that the previous Che instance is removed:

    $ chectl server:delete
  2. Install the Eclipse Che Operator. See Installing from OperatorHub using the web console.

  3. Create the eclipse-che project in OpenShift as follows:

    oc create namespace eclipse-che
  4. In the Administrator view of the OpenShift web console, go to Operators  Installed Operators  Eclipse Che instance Specification  Create CheCluster  YAML view.

  5. In the YAML view, replace namespace: openshift-operators with namespace: eclipse-che.

  6. Select Create. See Creating applications from installed Operators.

  1. To verify that the Che instance has installed correctly, navigate to the Eclipse Che Cluster tab of the Operator details page. The Eclipse Che instance Specification page displays the list of Eclipse Che instances and their status.

  2. Click eclipse-che CheCluster and navigate to the Details tab.

  3. See the content of the following fields:

    • The Message field contains error messages. The expected content is None.

    • The Eclipse Che URL field contains the URL of the Eclipse Che instance. The URL appears when the deployment finishes successfully.

  4. Navigate to the Resources tab. View the list of resources assigned to the Che deployment and their status.