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2009 Candidate:
Mike Taylor

President/CEO, Instantiations

Nominee for sustaining member representative

As one of your current Add-in Provider (now Sustaining Member) Board members I've strongly supported the interests of our community for the past several years and would be honored to represent you again in 2009. 2008 was a very active year in the Eclipse Community and on the board. I won't belabor the details (if you want to read the board meeting minutes check out but will say that I was a strong advocate for our Sustaining Member community. During the year I lead Eclipse e4 Market Research Study (released in January 2009) and contributed to many important Board discussions and decisions. My team and I at Instantiations supported many Eclipse-related activities in 2008 including EclipseCon, open source projects, demo camps, webinars, committees and more. We're excited that two of our co-founders, Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel released the 3rd edition of their best selling book, "Eclipse Plug-ins." We will continue to do the same in 2009. We're all very involved and committed to the success of the technology and the community. Instantiations has made the Eclipse platform the core of its strategy and is all Eclipse all the time.

email:  mike_taylor at


My vision for 2009 is to:

  • Continue to strongly represent the interests of Sustaining Members at Eclipse Board meetings and in the greater Eclipse Community.
  • Continue to increase ROI for Sustaining Members in the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Make Eclipse a powerful "profitability platform" both for Sustaining Members and all who use it.
  • ...and of course, to assure that Eclipse technology remains the best on the planet!

About the Candidate

  • I lead Instantiations, a company strategically committed to Eclipse. Instantiations is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, has led Eclipse open source projects, contributed code, and is involved in numerous Eclipse-focused committees and community activities.
  • Since 1999 my professional priorities have been, and continue to be, building open source and commercial technologies, establishing a profitable Eclipse-based company, and growing the Eclipse community.
  • Lead the Eclipse e4 Solution Provider Survey.
  • Chair of Eclipse Market Research Working Group (2006, 2007).
  • Chair of the Eclipse Advertising Working Group (2007)
  • Chair of the Eclipse Training Working Group (2006).
  • Member of EclipseCon 2006 Program Committee.
  • Deeply involved in Eclipse technology and ecosystem since 1999.
  • Former Member of Eclipse Consortium Board of Stewards.
  • Chair of the Eclipse Marketing Committee from 2002 to 2005.
  • Led project to establish Eclipse brand and logos.
  • Member of Eclipse Governance Committee (that designed and formed the Eclipse Foundation).
  • Founding member of EPIC, a leading Eclipse portal.
  • Over 25 years of experience in the software industry.


  • Instantiations, Inc, provider of WindowBuilder, RCP Developer, CodePro AnalytiX, CodePro Profiler, WindowTester and GWT Designer. Instantiations is a technology company totally focused on Eclipse. Instantiations has led and contributed to several Eclipse open source projects and is deeply involved in the Eclipse community.
  • Founding member of the Eclipse Plugin Central Alliance.

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