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Marketing Services

The Eclipse Foundation’s vendor-neutral marketing programs promote Eclipse community growth and engagement. Our team of product marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, PR/communications, graphic design, and event management professionals collaborate with the Eclipse Foundation community to:

  • drive the awareness of and participation in the Foundation’s projects, working groups, and strategic initiatives;
  • increase the commercial adoption of Eclipse Foundation technologies;
  • grow diverse, global, and sustainable developer communities and ecosystems;
  • highlight the open source expertise, contributions, and successes of community members; and
  • enable collaboration and co-marketing between member organizations. 

We achieve these goals with the contributions and support of the developer community and member companies. To help facilitate collaboration, we have a number of marketing programs you can get involved in:

Promoting Community News & Events

Working groups, projects, and members can share their news and events with the Eclipse Foundation community by submitting the details through our newsroom.

The Eclipse newsroom is a content management system that allows us to post and distribute news and events to and working group sites. Anyone with an Eclipse account can submit news (articles, blogs, press releases) or an event (conference, webinar) that they think would be relevant to our community. Simply submit the details of your news/event and a member of the Foundation staff will review it. Once approved, the news and events will be displayed on and the relevant working group sites. We also share these submissions through our social media channels and our newsletters, when appropriate.

Eclipse Foundation Events

Events offer an opportunity for community members to demonstrate thought leadership by sharing best practices while building and driving engagement in our ecosystem. In collaboration with our community and working groups, the Foundation plans, coordinates, implements, and promotes conferences, events, and webinars.

A full list of upcoming events can be found at If you would like to propose an event, present a webinar or sponsor an Eclipse Foundation event, please reach out to us at

Press Releases and Announcements

The Eclipse Foundation has been very successful in developing strong press relationships resulting in community-related news being frequently reported. As the number of projects, working groups, and members grow, media interest in the Eclipse ecosystem is also growing. The Eclipse Foundation will provide press assistance and quotes for a number of events, which are outlined in our press release guidelines.

Creative Services

Great creative design is a critical component of brand building. The Foundation’s creative team can assist in the development of logos, graphics, videos, swag, website design, or other creative requests. Working groups, projects, and members who are looking for creative assistance should fill out our creative brief, so the Foundation team can determine the scope of the project and what support we can provide. 

Projects teams can also engage a graphic design crowdsourcing site or similar service to create a project logo. The Foundation will reimburse up to €500 for the logo design. Consult the project handbook for more details.

For questions about our creative services, please contact

Content Creation

Working with the community, the Eclipse Foundation creates content that showcases the growth and momentum of the projects, working groups, and our ecosystem at large. We collaborate on a wide range of content, including case studies, surveys, newsletter articles, blog posts, and videos.

Our marketing team partners with individual community members and member organizations to create and cross-promote content for developers and decision-makers with the goal of increasing awareness, contributions, adoption, and support of initiatives and projects that matter to our community.

To ensure high quality and consistent content, we follow the Eclipse Foundation writing style guide.

Member Case Studies

The Eclipse Foundation publishes a member case study series to highlight how organizations of all sizes are leveraging their strategic involvement in our ecosystem to fuel market success. This program features real-world use cases of the impact of Eclipse Foundation projects, processes, and governance on our members, their customers, and industry stakeholders.

To create a case study, the Foundation team will interview one or more team members from a member organization. This takes approximately an hour. The case studies are then written from the interview and shared for review, fact-checking, and any necessary approvals prior to publication.

We publish all of our member case studies under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. As long as you provide attribution according to the terms of the license, you can: 

  • copy and redistribute the case study content in any medium or format; 
  • adapt, transform, and build on the material for any purpose. 

All Eclipse Foundation members are welcome to participate in our member case study initiative.

Market Intelligence and Surveys

The Foundation’s marketing team engages the community and industry at large to gather market insights by conducting surveys related to our core technology pillars, including enterprise Java, IoT, edge computing, and cloud development tools. We deliver high-quality developer market intelligence and related content that demonstrate our thought leadership and are frequently cited by press and industry analysts. Survey reports include data, trends, and insights that are valuable to our projects, members, working groups and the broader industry.

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