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2013 Candidate:
Gunnar Wagenknecht


Nominee for Committer Member representative

Planet Eclipse Creator
Technology PMC Lead
RT PMC member
Gyrex Lead
Committer on Gyrex, Orbit, RAP Incubator
Contributor to Equinox, EclipseLink, Gemini and PDE
Architecture Council member
EclipseCon Program Committee (2006, 2012, 2013)

email:  gunnar at


I just love the Eclipse community!

Being part of this family for more than ten years now, I met a lot committers, users, contributors and adopters in person over the years. Serving on the board in order to help ensuring that the interests of committers are properly represented will be a great honor for me.

I'm a strong supporter of Eclipse's openness and diversity across the board. I’m pragmatic and I like it when processes are implemented as lean as possible. Needless to say, processes are important. The Eclipse Development Process is one of the many great values of Eclipse. My vision for serving at the Eclipse Board will follow these principles. I’ll actively participate in ongoing as well as initiate new discussions on topics which aid improving the life and work of committers and contributors at Eclipse.

For 2013 I’d like to focus on the following topics in particular:

  • Improve handling of third-party libraries at Eclipse; ensure easy contribution and consumption for all projects (p2 and Maven).
  • Begin modernizing the Eclipse infrastructure around communication. Today there is NNTP and forums, Stack Overflow and GitHub; it’s time-consuming for committers to check every possible channel separately.
  • Make it easier to consume contributions from GitHub; it must be possible to go from a pull-request via CQ into a repo without creating an extra Bugzilla.
  • Be attractive to new projects which may not use OSGi, maybe written in a language other than Java and may require additional licensing options too.

It will be my pleasure to represent you - the committers! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

About the Candidate

Gunnar has been a member of the Eclipse Community since its beginning and he is a prolific contributor with many years of experience on numerous Eclipse projects; Gunnar leads the Technology PMC and is a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council and the RT PMC. He is the webmaster's best friend and worst nightmare. Apart from Eclipse he loves chatting about fishing, diving and his family and other things that matters over a good beer or a glass of dry, barrel aged red wine.



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