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Re: [wtp-pmc] Issues with missing CQ entries...

Wayne Beaton wrote on 05/31/2012 11:28:52 AM:
> That original list that I sent you is my biggest concern.
> There are a lot of legitimate JARs in the list. Many are for testing.
> I've gone through the list and have been able to resolve some to 
> CQs. But there's a bunch that I just can't. Fortunately, I think 
> most of them are from the same presentation directory. Here's my 
> full worry list:
> antlr.jar (No CQ found)
> commons-beanutils.jar (No CQ found)
> commons-digester.jar (No CQ found)
> commons-fileupload.jar (No CQ found)
> commons-logging.jar (No CQ found)
> commons-validator.jar (No CQ found)
> derby.jar (No CQ found)
> jakarta-oro.jar (No CQ found)
> jstl.jar (No CQ found)
> org.antlr.runtime_v31_3.1.0.*.jar (No CQ found)
> standard.jar (No CQ found)
> struts.jar (No CQ found)
> uddi4j.jar (No CQ found) - It looks like this is version 2.0.3 and 
> we don't have any CQ for that version.
> jsflibrary-api-1.1.3.*.jar (No CQ found)

Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious, but for those that genuinely don't have 
a CQ, what are the corrective measures to take?  Is there anything we 
should be doing beyond opening a CQ?  Should we be removing them instead? 
Does our proximity to Juno's release affect things (other than being past 
the general deadline for CQs)?  At least one copy of struts.jar has been 
there since 2005.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP Source Editing and JSDT
IBM Rational

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