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[wtp-pmc] Issues with missing CQ entries...

Hi everyone,

Wayne emailed me earlier today as he was browsing through our IP log submission, and discovered potentially a large amount of
third party libraries that are not tied to CQ's.

If you follow this link:

Along with the large amount of test or sample files that are included in our junits or documentation, we also have many files that may need attention  (axis, ant, commons, derby, jsr*, wsdl,  etc...)

I'm going to send a note today for everyone to take a second look at this particular report.

David - Since most of these "problems" are ancient file references, Is this a case of missing CQ entries?   do we simply need to map them somehow?

Thanks - Chuck

Senior Architect, RAD Java EE Tools, WTP PMC Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC

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