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[wtp-pmc] release review draft slide deck ACTION REQUIRED

PMC Members, Jeffrey, and Craig:


Attached please find the draft of the WTP 0.7 release review, to be held July 6th, a week from Wednesday.


PMC members: Please review the slide deck for accuracy and send edits to me to incorporate.

Jeffrey: Please see the NLS statement on page 9 and verify/correct.

Craig/David: Please see the standards ?s on page 15 and verify/correct

Anyone: If you can generate download statistics (I’ve been unsuccessful), please provide info for page 21


Page 24 should be the only other location with TBDs, and I own following up with Janet on those.






Attachment: Eclipse WTP 0.7 Release Review.ppt
Description: Eclipse WTP 0.7 Release Review.ppt

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