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Re: [wtp-pmc] release review draft slide deck ACTION REQUIRED


Just noticed a small thing in those slides that surprised me.
It seems you are going to use to provide an update site.

In our experience that is a bad move since the web/http feed from is not geared towards high volume loads of .jar file downloads.

We had a jboss ide updates site on and we had nothing but problems
with respect to timeouts and broken/incomplete downloads. (which eclipse update
mechanism btw. doesnt handle very gracefully :(

Just a warning ;)

note,'s site is very good to host file downloads (because they are mirrored), but the website only works best if its small (html files its going to host.
An eclipse update site doesn't fall under a normal website IMO ;)


PMC Members, Jeffrey, and Craig:

Attached please find the draft of the WTP 0.7 release review, to be held
July 6th, a week from Wednesday.

PMC members: Please review the slide deck for accuracy and send edits to
me to incorporate.

Jeffrey: Please see the NLS statement on page 9 and verify/correct.

Craig/David: Please see the standards ?s on page 15 and verify/correct

Anyone: If you can generate download statistics (I've been
unsuccessful), please provide info for page 21

Page 24 should be the only other location with TBDs, and I own following
up with Janet on those.



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