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[tycho-user] Re: Preferred way to offer zipped, standalone update sites?

Hi Jens,

> Thanks for the explanation.
> So actually what you want is some kind of "P2 proxy". Which picks up
> changes in the meta data, but does not re-download the unchanged JARs?
> So I would suggest to use some simple HTTP proxy, like Squid. And
> configure it as transparent proxy. Tune it in a way that all content is
> cached for a longer period of time, with the exception of files called
> "(compositeContent|compositeArtifacts|context|artifacts)\.(jar|xml)".
> Would that do the trick?

Could be, but you would introduce another moving part with external
configuration (not in pom.xml or Hudson config) into the build, which I
would like to avoid.

Since there already exits a cache of target platform contents (in
~/.m2/repository/p2) maintained by Tycho, I had hoped for that there
exists a goal that can mirror repositories while re-using the existing

(FWIW, just tested target-platform-utils:mirror-target-to-repo from
JBoss Tools Maven plugins [1] and it doesn't cache artifacts either.
Just like tycho-p2-extras-plugin:mirror, the goal uses Tycho's
MirrorApplicationService, which apparently doesn't cache.)

Best wishes,


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