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Re: [tycho-user] Preferred way to offer zipped, standalone update sites?


first of all I have to say that I am the author of what I am suggest
next ;-)

You could use Package Drone [1], which allows you to host e.g. P2
repositories. You can upload a full P2 repository zip (manually or using
mvn deploy) and consume it  as P2 repository. You can upload multiple P2
Zips into one "channel". Each channel will be rendered as a P2
repository, so you can combine multiple P2 repository. Although this is
not a composite repository, from a technical point of view. So the
amount of data you upload is under you control.

For the Maven Tycho build, or Eclipse PDE, you can then reference the
repository over HTTP.

If you need a bit of help, just let me know.



On 03/26/2015 03:37 PM, Andreas Sewe wrote:
> Hi,
> some of our users are working behind corporate firewalls which block or
> otherwise disfigure .jar or .pack.gz files. To accommodate those users,
> I am searching for a solution that packs (.zip and/or .tar.gz) a
> (composite) update site such that it can be used standalone. However,
> standalone should not mean completely self-contained. No need to ship
> the entire Eclipse IDE, just to deliver our plugins...
> Here's the solutions I have explored so far:
> - Use tycho-p2-extras-plugin:mirror [1] + assembly:single
> The mirror goal gives me pretty good control over why update sites are
> included. Unfortunately, the goal seems to download all IUs anew on each
> execution [2]. :-( Also, the maven-assembly-plugin is a bit heavy-weight
> for just packing a directory.
> - Use the tycho-p2-repository-plugin's includeAllDependencies option
> AFAIK, includeAllDependencies takes its contents from the target
> platform, which may or may not be the same content that the users of our
> composite update site see. :-(
> Also, I would have to create a new, nearly identical eclipse-repsitory
> project (the only difference to the existing one being the value of
> includeAllDependencies); while I can run multiple executions of
> tycho-p2-repository:assemble-repository and :assembly-repository in a
> single eclipse-repository project, I cannot get one of the executions to
> use an output directory different from
> ${}/repository so I have to have another project.
> Are there any other options I have missed?
> Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
> Andreas
> [1]
> <>
> [2] <>
> [3]
> <>

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