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[tycho-user] Re: Preferred way to offer zipped, standalone update sites?

Hi Jens,

> first of all I have to say that I am the author of what I am suggest
> next ;-)
> You could use Package Drone [1], which allows you to host e.g. P2
> repositories. You can upload a full P2 repository zip (manually or using
> mvn deploy) and consume it  as P2 repository. You can upload multiple P2
> Zips into one "channel". Each channel will be rendered as a P2
> repository, so you can combine multiple P2 repository. Although this is
> not a composite repository, from a technical point of view. So the
> amount of data you upload is under you control.

that sounds very useful (a bit like the Nexus Unzip plugin) if you have
a zipped update site to host. However, my original question was more
like "How can I create such a zipped update site?"

My inputs are

- An eclipse-repository produced in the current build
- A composite update site pointing to several external p2 repositories

My output should be

- A packed p2 repository containing all my inputs

Hope that clarifies things.

Best wishes,


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