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Re: [tycho-user] Preferred way to offer zipped, standalone update sites?

Thanks for the explanation.

So actually what you want is some kind of "P2 proxy". Which picks up
changes in the meta data, but does not re-download the unchanged JARs?

So I would suggest to use some simple HTTP proxy, like Squid. And
configure it as transparent proxy. Tune it in a way that all content is
cached for a longer period of time, with the exception of files called

Would that do the trick?


On 03/26/2015 05:28 PM, Andreas Sewe wrote:
> Hi,
>> I see .. so every time you push a new eclipse repository from the
>> current build, you would like to refresh the composite repository to
>> contain all required (not all) dependencies?
>> Or should the composite update site only be mirrored once?
> our Tycho build builds a couple of eclipse-repository projects (aka
> update sites) each time it runs. Different update sites (head,
> milestones, stable, ...) are promoted (copied to a webserver) at
> different times, but all update sites are assembled during *every*
> build. This doesn't slow down the build very much (as the update sites
> contents are either cached or produced by the current reactor) and
> prevents nasty surprises; we know that all update sites can be assembled
> at any time.
> Now, in addition to plain old eclipse-repository update sites, I would
> also like to build an archive (.zip, .tar.gz, or similar) containing the
> contents of one or more eclipse-repositories from the reactor *plus* the
> contents of some external update sites. Again, I would like to
> reassemble this archive during every build.
> Now, these external update sites should of course not be downloaded in
> their entirety upon each and every build, but upstream changes should be
> picked up automatically; thus, it is fine if every build downloads a
> remote content.jar, but it is not if downloads all bundles and features
> (sort of like how Tycho deals with the target platform).
> Hope that explains things a bit better.
> Andreas

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