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Re: [tycho-user] OSGi and eclipse bundles

You can create a P2 project, add to it a feature project that points to the maven bundles that you wanted. you just need to add those deps to the feature's pom and feature.xml.

And build them with tycho...

So you can create a target platform definition file pointing to this p2 (and any other as orbit, indigo/juno, etc). then set it as the target of your team development workspaces.



On 02/02/12 11:45, Kristoffer Sjögren wrote:
I understand, was able to use the osgi bundles if importing them manually as plugins into eclipse.

Are there any tricks or best practices on how to automatically export maven osgi bundles dependencies to PDE from a maven build?

Or even better, expose entire local and remote maven (containing osgi bundles) repositories to PDE?

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