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[tycho-user] OSGi and eclipse bundles


I have read a lot of correspondence on the mailing list but I have still not been able to implement the following scenario. 

- I have a mix of generic OSGi bundles (pom first) and eclipse specific plugins (manifest first) for building an RCP application. 
- The eclipse plugins depends on the OSGi bundles and it's fine to have separate builds between these project types.

I would like to be able to import the OSGi bundles along with the plugins and use the eclipse IDE as intended when developing RCP applications.

I realize that my lack of p2 knowledge puts me in a tough spot here, but I would like my application OSGi generic and keep p2/RCP dependencies as few as possible.

Does anyone have any good pointers to example code or real open source projects that does something similar? Tycho-demo is great but it doesnt mix pom-first and manifest-first bundles.


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