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Re: [tycho-user] OSGi and eclipse bundles

This is not about Tycho vs m2e, it is about Tycho vs PDE. In Tycho we
calculate build target platform for each project individually and
consider transitive pom-first dependencies. In PDE there is single
target platform for entire workspace and it is not possible to
contribute Tycho specific entries to the PDE workspace target platform.


On 12-02-02 7:52 AM, Kristoffer Sjögren wrote:
I think you are correct. I cannot reproduce the error.

One related question around transitive pom-first (osgi) dependencies:

The headless tycho build works fine but eclipse cannot identify the
transitive packages imports as plug-ins. The Run Configuration tells me
"Missing Constraint: Import Package: .... " when clicking "Validate

How come tycho recognize these deps, but eclipse (m2e?) does not? Have I
forgot some configuration in the tycho poms?

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