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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho 3.0 release

I agree with this view. And I would like to see Tycho 3.0 requiring Java 17 at runtime .

hmm not sure if that is a nice thing, that would affect quite a few ci systems (and so on)
Of course it would be nice to use all that new stuff like Mickael mentioned in another email.

But for me i would say follow eclipse and do what they do for tycho.
If eclipse says we move to Java 17 then tycho also takes that as a minimum.

It's always a pity in java that there are so many things that in my eyes are for the most part compiler/source things but you always then also need at runtime a new version..
i would love that you could do javac -sourceTarget 17 binaryTarget 11 for many things..

In the _javascript_ world this kind of works for the most part just fine (using typescript with pretty much all the latest stuff but transpiling it to even ecma5...)

But for example our product we follow Eclipse, and i have now targets to java 11 (or even still java 8) and i compile and run tycho with java 11 (and still also compiling some stuff against java 8)
But if i need java 17 to run tycho but we really target java 11 (with the use even for stuff of java 8) i need suddenly 3 vm's on jenkins and locally to do everything..


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