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Re: [tools-pmc] RE: [mylyn-integrators] help with displaying task in editor


If you in believe that Mik is in his right to decide to not provide support in the project mailing lists, then it need to be reflected in committer guidelines. Otherwise it is seem like monarchy, when project lead can decide to do whathever he feel convenient, like remove a temporarily inactive committers even without checking with them first, but keeping the other committers working for the same vendor in (which also against the current guidelines).

Another point is that it been brought up before that some Eclipse projects has raised a too high bar for the community contributions and made it practically impossible for contributor to became a commiter. I believe that Mylyn is one of such Eclipse projects.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
I certainly didn't interpret your email as harsh - I don't think a follow-up is required. I applaud the Mylyn team for "telling it like it is" in terms of what the community can expect in terms of response times to bugs: that's far better than just leaving the bugs/patches/contributions open without any feedback at all. It's unfortunate that we all don't have infinite resources and time to apply to these projects, but we don't, so realism is a second best.

- Bjorn

Mik Kersten wrote:
I'm also concerned that my message below may
have sounded overly harsh.  It wasn't intended to be, so I'll consider
following up with an explanation.

[end of message]

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