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RE: [tools-pmc] RE: [mylyn-integrators] help with displaying task in editor

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eugene Kuleshov [mailto:eu@xxxxxxxx]
> Bjorn,
>   If you in believe that Mik is in his right to decide to not provide
> support in the project mailing lists, then it need to be reflected in
> committer guidelines. 

While the points in Bjorn's follow up make sense to me, the above statement
does not reflect the reality of our support policy on Mylyn.  Note that
there is almost never a thread that a committer (e.g., Steffen, Rob, me)
doesn't answer within a few days.  We just can't handle the load requests
like "I need an answer to this by tomorrow", and continually try to figure
out better ways to scale support as our load increases.

Eugene: Please feel free to identify an Eclipse project that has a better
record of mailing list and Bugzilla responsiveness than ours and we'll look
into their approach.

> Otherwise it is seem like monarchy, when project
> lead can decide to do whathever he feel convenient, like remove a
> temporarily inactive committers even without checking with them first,
> but keeping the other committers working for the same vendor in (which
> also against the current guidelines).
>   Another point is that it been brought up before that some Eclipse
> projects has raised a too high bar for the community contributions and
> made it practically impossible for contributor to became a commiter. I
> believe that Mylyn is one of such Eclipse projects.

I'm not sure I understand the broad generalization at the start of the
statement, but I'm going to ignore the Mylyn accusation unless it's backed
up.  In terms of Mylyn stats:

* 134 bugs resolved since Ganymede release by patches from community
contributions.  Hundreds of patches applied before Ganymede.  Vast majority
of patch contributors are not affiliated with Mylyn committers.  If there's
an Eclipse project with a higher rate of community patches applied, I'd like
to know about it so that we can learn from them.

* 5 contributors of patches, all unaffiliated with existing committers at
the time, have earned their commit rights on Mylyn.  In other words, we've
had more committers earn their rights organically than through affiliation
with the project leadership (first UBC, then Tasktop).  For contributors
interested in commit rights we provide clear guidelines on how to earn them:


Mik Kersten
Project Lead:

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