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RE: [tools-pmc] RE: [mylyn-integrators] help with displaying task in editor

Thanks Bjorn, good points.  I’ve always been sensitive about this topic, and am still getting accustomed to our communicating support  expectations more clearly.  I asked all the Mylyn committers about the tone of the message and it was in line with their expectations, so my only follow up was to encourage the integrators to post their findings in Ecipsepedia, as usual.


This is always a balance that we’ve found tricky to manage.  We’ve slid the balance more towards the support end previously, and the challenge with that is that it can prevent non-committers from stepping up to help themselves.  So now we’re trying to be very explicit about what users should expect, and when they should help themselves.  I find the Tomcat support channels to be a good example of how to handle support expectations, since those guys are completely swamped with support inquiries.





Mik Kersten


Project Lead:


From: Bjorn Freeman-Benson [mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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I certainly didn't interpret your email as harsh - I don't think a follow-up is required.
I applaud the Mylyn team for "telling it like it is" in terms of what the community can expect in terms of response times to bugs: that's far better than just leaving the bugs/patches/contributions open without adny feedback at all. It's unfortunate that we all don't have infinite resources and time to apply to these projects, but we don't, so realism is a second best.

- Bjorn

Mik Kersten wrote:

I'm also concerned that my message below may
have sounded overly harsh.  It wasn't intended to be, so I'll consider
following up with an explanation.


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