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Re: [tools-pmc] RE: [mylyn-integrators] help with displaying task in editor

 If you in believe that Mik is in his right to decide to not provide support in the project mailing lists, then it need to be reflected in committer guidelines.
As you know, everything evolves. I'm sure that now that this point has been brought up, the Mylyn team will add this clarification to their project explanation/committer guidelines. I wish that we could all have the prescience to define all possible situation in advance. I know that I don't and I don't expect it of other people either. What I do expect is that when a new situation arises, it is dealt with in a manner consistent with the previous situations.
 Another point is that it been brought up before that some Eclipse projects has raised a too high bar for the community contributions and made it practically impossible for contributor to became a commiter.
I'm a little confused by your statement here because Larry's email wasn't about becoming a committer - Larry was asking for help with a particular design issue. The Mylyn team (Mik in this case) answered that they just weren't going to have time to help Larry. This seems like a really good answer to me: instead of going dark and just leaving Larry to wonder what was going on, the team answered "sorry". So now Larry knows the situation - admittedly not the situation Larry desires, but at least it is a known situation... So how is this about becoming a committer? Are you suggesting that the Mylyn team should be helping Larry in the hopes that he will become a committer in the future?

- Bjorn

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