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[tools-pmc] Re: [mylyn-integrators] help with displaying task in editor


I am quite surprised to see such response from the project lead to a user's help request. You apre practically said that "maybe we will respond to you some times". This is not a response one would expect to receive, especially not from a person who been nominated as an Eclipse Amasador.

Perhaps I am interpreting the committer's guidelines too strictly. They state that all project committers are *required* to participate to the project's user news group and the mailing lists, but in my observation, the presence of the current project committers on the mailing list was average. Maybe the EMO and Tools PMC could clarify this interpretation to me.

See the current committer guidelines at

Active participation in the user newsgroup and the appropriate developer mailing lists is a responsibility of all Committers, and is critical to the success of the Project. Committers are required to monitor and contribute to the user newsgroup.

Committers are required to monitor the mailing lists associated with the Project. This is a condition of being granted commit rights to the Project. It is mandatory because committers must participate in votes (which in some cases require a certain minimum number of votes) and must respond to the mailing list in a timely fashion in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the Project. When a Committer is granted commit rights they will be added to the appropriate mailing lists. A Committer must not be unsubscribed from a developer mailing list unless their associated commit privileges are also revoked.


Mik Kersten wrote:

Hi Larry,

We are always happy to hear about new connector efforts and seeing them come to fruition. However, I want to be clear that we cannot guarantee any response time on this list, since Mylyn is a community-driven open source project that relies on integrators contributions to the project both in terms of supporting each other and updating the Ecipsepedia documentation with the knowledge they build up writing connectors.

Peter had a great answer that should help you get started. Steffen will follow up with another pointer. It would great if you could document your experiences in our Integrator Reference:

For additional integration services and the definition of our support priorities see:

Happy hacking!



Mik Kersten


Project Lead:

*From:* mylyn-integrators-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:mylyn-integrators-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] *On Behalf Of *Larry Edelstein
*Sent:* Monday, March 23, 2009 12:32 PM
*To:* mylyn-integrators@xxxxxxxxxxx
*Subject:* [mylyn-integrators] help with displaying task in editor

I've been working on a Mylyn connector and would like some help regarding how to display my task in a task editor page. My connector pulls down data from our database just fine, and I expect that pushing back to the database will also go smoothly. I'm a little uncertain of my strategy and tactics for displaying data in a task editor. I want to reuse AbstractTaskEditorPage and the various AbstractTaskEditorPart subclasses. I can see that I can configure my page subclass to use which parts I want. So far I'm just using the page as is. But when I run my connector, I don't see the data I expect in the page. What should be my strategy for reusing the page and parts? Is it merely to make sure that I map the data from my database into the correct attributes for the parts? If so, how do I know which attributes, and which parts display themselves on the page (by default)? By reading and tracing the code, I thought I had found the right parts and attributes, but I'm disappointed in my results.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I have a demo on Wednesday morning. Showing more results then would be very timely for this project. If I can get some guidance on how to carry out the strategy I've described, or a better one, it would really help.


Larry Edelstein

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