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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

Notes from the STEM Community Call on September 1, 2016


On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Matthias, Chris, Tabea, Nereyda, Werner, Judy

Next call: Thursday, October 6, 2016


1. STEM Integration Build with bug fix for problem (file names on logger) with Windows x86 now up

*Next milestone set for October 20, 2016

*Date to be set for new version when work on evolving disease model is completed


2. Ongoing Feature Work

*Jamie: Work with UC Davis on genomics and evolving disease model; no news

*Nereyda: Use of STEM in work on pandemics and biodefense; model working well; has received funding from FAA to complete work; has meeting to clarify interventions, path; thanks to Jamie for letter of support for funding 


3. Updates

*Kun had productive meeting with Santa Clara public health officials on mosquito borne and other infectious diseases; working on collaboration agreement to address West Nile disease 

*Tabea is continuing to work on disease spread of Avian influenza in China in livestock, modeling the size of the disease, to set the price risk incurred by Swiss re-insurance company; will be talking with Kun

                *No problem with predicate

                *Problem with time series plot not rendering is specific to the stochastic solver

                *Can use finite difference solver to see series until bug is resolved

                *Tabea (TO DO): Will try to contribute to STEM as an open source project


4. Bugs
*Query: Was Bug 499773 (fixed in integration build) responsible for Kamesh’s problem with dengue model, bug 465981?

*Request to All (TO DO): Report bugs on stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx as well as Bugzilla 


5. Items from Participants

*Werner: Interest in STEM overview for Science WG at Eclipse Europe, meeting in Ludwigsburg at the end of October

                *Jamie (TO DO): Will work with Stefan to prepare pdf overview and put on wiki

                *Chris and Werner: Will figure out possible involvement

                *Possibility of moving project from Technology to Science discussed; benefits queried



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