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[stem-dev] Agenda for STEM Community Call on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Below is the agenda for this month’s STEM Call. The call is scheduled at its usual time, 9 am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern.

As always, you are welcome to join in the call. If you wish to do so, please contact me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx, for call in instructions.


Agenda for STEM Community Call on October 6, 2016


1. STEM Integration Build with bug fix for problem (file names on logger) with Windows x86 now up

*Milestone set for October 20, 2016

*Date to be set for new version when work on evolving disease model is completed


2. Ongoing Feature Work

*Jamie: Work with UC Davis on genomics and evolving disease model

*Nereyda: Interventions in STEM model of pandemics in biodefense


3. Updates

*Kun: Work with Santa Clara public health officials on West Nile disease 

*Tabea: Size of disease spread of Avian influenza in China in livestock and price risk; problem with time series plot resolved by using finite difference (not stochastic) solver until bug is fixed?  

*Able to contribute to STEM as an open source project?

*Werner/Chris: Plans for Science WG at Eclipse Europe

*Jamie/Stefan: Wiki updates September 16 at


4. Bugs
*Query: Was Bug 499773 (fixed in integration build) responsible for Kamesh’s problem with dengue model, bug 465981?

*Request to All (TO DO): Report bugs on stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx as well as Bugzilla 


5. Items from Participants




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