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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM Community Call

Notes from the STEM Call on October 25, 2018

On the Call: Jamie, Ahmad, Taras, Emily, Nereyda, Judy

Next Call: Thursday, November 15, 2018


1.      STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1: Target release date December 1, 2018

Ahmad: New version is running, will address remaining problems this weekend; looks do-able

1.1.Pushing the build to the download page. Jamie: Stefan, also examples from Eclipse will help with this

1.2.Merging the branch. Jamie: Branch is ready and could do now; but have to wait until on Jenkins server at Eclipse to merge; would break old if done prior to move

1.3.Eclipse Review meeting scheduled. Jamie: Can be rescheduled if necessary

Testing on Linux and Windows. Taras: Works on Windows, will retest tomorrow. Jamie: Also test model builder by downloading project, conform editor is using 

Documentation. Updates needed for new version. Ahmad has notes on new build process, will create new doc, need to link to old page that will eventually be deleted. Judy to track to be sure doc shows where to find software pieces in new build  

Old Version. Jamie: Will probably keep, but new version eliminates bugs; users should download new version, move projects over, test (may need to regenerate code)


2. Project Updates: Emily

Updated wiki on optional parameters for Pajek graph with help from Christian Thöns

Having trouble finding population models (external data source, seasonal), slaughterhouse & food transformer classes on wiki. Jamie: Both disease and population pop models made stochastic in solver; others (new pop transformer, contamination unit) developed by Chris as part of veterinary model while at BfR; these are available on icon on top control bar (shows wheat); doc missing on this icon. TO DO: Jamie will add doc


3. Bugzilla

Jamie & Stefan closed multiple bugs; 30-40 remain  


4. STEM Community Building

Best Practice: Use stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx in all correspondence regarding STEM; Eclipse needs to see a log of what our community is doing


5. Items from Participants

Taras: May use STEM in his doctoral work; talked w/ European food safety scientist who expressed interest in STEM

Nereyda: Paper using STEM has been published in the Transportation Research Record; story on her research also appears in the Pandora blog

Judy: Call for papers for a special issue of the journal Health Security on Progress in Spatial/Temporal Analysis to Identify Infectious Disease Outbreaks; potential collaboration for the STEM community on STEM as an open source tool w/ input on multiple projects. TO DO: Taras will check on sharing his master’s work, will send Judy the English translation. TO DO: Judy to follow up next week w/ email



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