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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

Notes from the STEM Community Call

August 18, 2016


On the call: James Kaufman, Stefan Edlund, Kun Hu, Matt Davis, Matthias Filter, Judy Douglas, Tabea Kropf, and Mark Kunitomi


New to call: Tabea Kropf, an intern at a large re-insurance company in Switzerland working on diseases in livestock; Mark Kunitomi, a virologist from UCSF now at IBM with a molecular focus 




1. STEM Integration Build with bug fix for problem with Windows x86 now up

*Next milestone set for October 20, 2016

                *Will add current release to options in Bugzilla

                *Will set date for new version when work on evolving disease model is completed 


2. Ongoing Feature Work

*Jamie: Continuing work with UC Davis on genomics and evolving disease model

*Nereyda (not on call):  Using STEM as part of her doctoral work on pandemics and biodefense


3. Updates

*Kun: Gave talk at UC Santa Clara; working with Santa Clara county health officials (director from CDC, 9 epidemiologists on staff) on Zika, other infectious diseases including TB (from international sources) and West Nile disease (mosquito borne)

*Tabea: Working on disease spread in livestock; consulted with Jamie and Matthias on modeling

*Matthias: Collaborating with Poland on African swine fever disease; spreads from Russia, Baltic countries; leads to destruction of animal; worked with other agency in Germany charged to handle this type of issue; will give workshop on this October 24-25, present play models using STEM


4. Bugs
*Bug 499773 has been fixed in integration build (STEM-3.0.0M3-win32.win32.x86_64 Logger files cannot be written)

                *May be source of Kamesh’s problem with dengue model, bug 465981

*Jamie: Old bug with stochastic solver due to a law of nature?

*Tabea: Not sure if problem with predicate has been resolved

TO DO FOR ALL: Always report bugs on stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx as well as Bugzilla 


5. Items from Participants

*Matthias: Asked whether fitting model parameters will work for customized models; subsequent to call, sent link to Kun, who fixed error in documentation, confirmed function has worked/will work

*Resources identified: Database on African Swine Fever with geo-coders at Empres/I (Tabea); graph on poultry in all of China (Jamie)





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