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Re: [paho-dev] Java client development

I knew I had forgotten something! :)

The hudson job for the develop branch can be found here;
the master branch here (will be run much less frequently);

Sonar information can be found here;
Sonar is only running on the develop builds

Something else I should have mentioned, I've added the java mqtt client utility to the builds and packaging, you can download the jar here;
It's all bundled up so you just need to run java -jar mqtt-utility-0.4.0.jar to use it.


On 21/08/2013 22:24, Andy Piper wrote:
thanks Al! the latest Java code is looking great!

what's the URL for folks wanting to track both the Hudson and Sonar
output? I know we as a team would really appreciate patches to address
any issues.

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 3:39 PM, Al S-M <asm@xxxxxxxx
<mailto:asm@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Yesterday I merged the develop branch into master for the Java code
    and tagged it 0.4.0 (develop is now 0.4.1-SNAPSHOT), this seemed
    appropriate as we're making progress towards a proper release and
    marks the point where we have an operational build, test and
    deployment infrastructure working in the eclipse CBI (and the
    current code is passing the current tests :) ).

    Maven consumable jars can be found under
    <> (both SNAPSHOT
    and releases are in there)

    Additionally as part of the dev branch builds I've enabled sonar for
    reporting code coverage of testing and identifying bugs/issues. If
    anyone wants to start looking over the reported issues and
    submitting fixes, that'd be great :D


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