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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT Interoperability Testing

like the idea with a caveat :-) If inter-operability was to be based around the MQTT OASIS standard then the timing may make not be practical. Good progress is being made at OASIS but it is not planned te finish until early March 2014 (and could be later). At that point I am not sure how many MQTT implementations will have been updated to meet the standard. Is March 17-20 a little too early for an MQTT inter-op testing hackathon?

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Date:        21/08/2013 20:49
Subject:        [paho-dev] MQTT Interoperability Testing
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Is there any interest in the MQTT community to organize interoperability testing with different implementations of MQTT clients and servers. It seems there to be a growing list of open source projects and vendors that are providing MQTT support so interoperability testing seems like a good idea.
If there is interest, we could look at hosting an MQTT interoperability testing hackathon at EclipseCon in March 17-20 in San Francisco.


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