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Re: [p2-dev] Proper Way To Install from P2 Zipped Repos

The problem is, I end up with all sorts of messages about not being able
to find the Eclipse bundles required by my features and bundles.  Here
is my build output:

    [p2.mirror] Problems resolving provisioning plan.
    [p2.mirror] Unable to satisfy dependency from
com.signaklara.platform 2.5.0.v00000008 to bundle
org.eclipse.core.runtime [3.4.0,4.0.0).
    [p2.mirror] Messages while mirroring artifact descriptors.
> It appears that my repository was created successfully and these are
just warnings. Is this true? Can I hide these warnings?

I would guess those are bad, but I've never used the mirror app... yet.

Any time I something like that in the context of a build, it generally means the build is about to fail due to missing runtime deps.

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