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[p2-dev] RE: Proper Way To Install from P2 Zipped Repos

In general, the approach of:

1) Unzipping the eclipse platform runtime zipfile
2) Calling the director app headlessly to install the various other bits

...seems to work for me.

I am now trying to merge potentially hundreds of individual bundle and
feature builds and their associated zipped p2 repositories.  I have
found that mirroring everything, one at a time into the same destination
will intelligently merge many individual repositories.  But ultimately,
my goal is to get many pre-built features and plugins staged so I can
use them as dependencies in other builds.  I think this is what
"repo2runnable" does, correct?  Does anyone know if "repo2runnable" can
be called on many repositories (one at a time, obviously) and all of
them will be merged into the same destination, or do I have to
mirror/merge them all first, and then call repo2runnable on the merged


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Melvin 
> Sent: May 20, 2009 10:29 AM
> To: 'P2 developer discussions'
> Subject: Proper Way To Install from P2 Zipped Repos
> Hi There,
> I am trying to integrate P2 into my build process.  Let's say 
> I want to create a temporary installation of the Eclipse 
> platform runtime, then install the CVS, PDE, and JDT runtimes 
> into it.  From what I can tell, the best way to do this is to:
> 1) Unzip the eclipse platform runtime zipfile
> 2) Call the director app headlessly to install the various other bits
> I'd like to download and install the "other bits" using 
> zipped P2 repositories.  I found this wiki page that 
> basically describes the above process:
> http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_director_application/Exampl
> My question is - is this page still up to date and relevant?  
> It seems that a lot of information on the wiki is out of 
> date, or has been superceded, and I don't want to waste my 
> time going down the wrong path if there is a better/easier solution.
> If it matters, I'll be doing all of this from an Ant script.  
> I'd be happy to update the wiki if it is out of date, and I 
> can get a pointer in the right direction.
> Thanks,
> Mark.
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