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Re: [orion-dev] orion.core.content

For the use case of importing a zip file to help a user get started, you may also be interested in trying out the new linked import capability in Orion 3.0, which allows an external site to provide a link to import content into an Orion instance. You can find an example on Ken's GitHub page:


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Date:        06/02/2013 06:26 PM
Subject:        Re: [orion-dev] orion.core.content
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Hi Simon,

Re: quick start
I am very happy to hear it will come back !
As to the where and how, I think the idea with a welcome page would be a
perfect fit.
Maybe I could even contribute to it. I am currently not well versed with
the Orion API, but if you point me in the right direction
I would give it a try.

Re: WebGL.
The short term goal is to provide a place for users to start a demo
project very easily and modify code and see what happens.
Our users of the engine struggle a bit with: downloading our example
zip, putting new content to the correct location and using a local HTTP
server to
see their changes because of the security limitations on working with
local files in the browser (
file://... )

Eclipse Orion seems like the perfect fit, because it can provide a WebGL
quick start template ( at least in 2.0 ;-) and also because of the
"sites" feature.
Together with the editor and the file upload this will provide our users
with a much better experience.

The long term goal would be to add code completion for the API of the
WebGL context and our engine
and possibly add a complete new 3D editor for our 3D scene format to Orion.


> re: quick start
> Yes this feature will definitely come back shortly in MASTER. We need
> to work-out where and how we want to expose it to ensure it's both
> easy to find for the first-time user but also not get in the way for
> regular day-to-day use of Orion.
> ---
> re: embedding WebGL engine.
> This sounds really cool. Do you need the WebGL engine available at
> "edit" time to do validation or is it something just needed for
> rendering. Can you give me an idea of the UI you're thinking of.
> -Simon

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