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[orion-dev] Quick and silly question about Git in a self-hosted instance.

So I stumbled on Orion last night and thought that it could serve my Cloud-based development needs quite well, and so I deployed it on a personal server. I also enabled Jetty's HTTPS functionnality.

My cloud computing needs are also served by a Git repository server (namely gerrit). I've attempted to clone from it using my normal login [with user] and a private SSH key, but for some strange reason, it just doesn't want to work; it refuses to clone, claiming "invalid remote: origin". I won't use a password for this instead of a private SSH key for security reasons.

I've tried to search for bugs related to this and have found none so far. Before filing a new bug on the 'zilla, I'd like to know if I just did something bad in my setup or if this is a genuine, reproducible issue.

Thank you.

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