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[orion-dev] orion.core.content

Hey Guys,

Quick introduction:
I am quickly catching on to Orion so far, great work on the developer documentation ! I really like the plug-in architecture and the way you focused on a stable and extend-able, well rounded core feature set. I compared this to cloud9 and codiad and at first I was a bit scared by the minimalistic UI of Orion in comparison
but I quickly learned to appreciate it.

Some feedback:
The only thing which is a bit cumbersome is the distinction between the navigator and the editor. I think most people would find it easier if that would be integrated into one "perspective". Left side navigator and right side the editor... ( like a mail program or desktop eclipse ).

My goal:
My goal is to provide an easy to use online IDE for WebGL development using a custom WebGL engine.
So I would like to
1. auto inject/define the custom WebGL engine code ( it's a require.js module ) and
2. provide an optional quick start project.

My approach:
I looked into 2. first because I saw this hello world example starter project and figured I could easily add my own starter project. ( Keywords: "create new content" extension point, orion.core.content, web\plugins\contentTemplates\ )

But after some extensive search I realized I couldn't find the links to create content from the templates anymore.

Looking at the orion installation I found the templates in web\plugins\contentTemplates:

I also found that they were both still registered in the web\plugins\pageLinksPlugin.html file as orion.core.content extensions
but I could not find the links to create them in the UI anymore.

I assume this feature is removed in the current version on ( and Orion I20130521-2230 ). Probably in favor of the new upload zip support. But I would prefer the orion.core.content feature...

My Question:
Will this feature come back ?
I think it is/was a great feature and I hope you didn't remove it for good... Is there a way to make these quick start content links appear again in the current version ?

Kind regards,

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