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Re: [orion-dev] orion.core.content

Hi Simon,

Re: quick start
I am very happy to hear it will come back !
As to the where and how, I think the idea with a welcome page would be a perfect fit. Maybe I could even contribute to it. I am currently not well versed with the Orion API, but if you point me in the right direction
I would give it a try.

Re: WebGL.
The short term goal is to provide a place for users to start a demo project very easily and modify code and see what happens. Our users of the engine struggle a bit with: downloading our example zip, putting new content to the correct location and using a local HTTP server to see their changes because of the security limitations on working with local files in the browser ( file://... )

Eclipse Orion seems like the perfect fit, because it can provide a WebGL quick start template ( at least in 2.0 ;-) and also because of the "sites" feature. Together with the editor and the file upload this will provide our users with a much better experience.

The long term goal would be to add code completion for the API of the WebGL context and our engine
and possibly add a complete new 3D editor for our 3D scene format to Orion.


re: quick start
Yes this feature will definitely come back shortly in MASTER. We need to work-out where and how we want to expose it to ensure it's both easy to find for the first-time user but also not get in the way for regular day-to-day use of Orion.

re: embedding WebGL engine.
This sounds really cool. Do you need the WebGL engine available at "edit" time to do validation or is it something just needed for rendering. Can you give me an idea of the UI you're thinking of.


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