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Re: [orion-dev] orion.core.content

Thanks Ray,

Creating a UI that is both simple and extensible while being nice to look at is challenging (and very time-consuming) and we appreciate your feedback. We will always be optimizing the Orion UI to improve the developer experience and stream-line folks workflows and integrations so please speak up if you have ideas.

re: Editor / Navigator split
Splitting the two up was originally an experiment in creating a strongly task-focused UI -- some like it and some don't and you are certainly not alone in your stance. In the current release the editors side-navigator is very rapidly catching up in terms of capability to the point where the current navigator is nearly redundant. There is still discussions to be had however it's possible the current "navigator" page will be sun-setted in the next release.

re: quick start
Yes this feature will definitely come back shortly in MASTER. We need to work-out where and how we want to expose it to ensure it's both easy to find for the first-time user but also not get in the way for regular day-to-day use of Orion.

re: embedding WebGL engine.
This sounds really cool. Do you need the WebGL engine available at "edit" time to do validation or is it something just needed for rendering. Can you give me an idea of the UI you're thinking of.


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[orion-dev] orion.core.content

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Hey Guys,

Quick introduction:
I am quickly catching on to Orion so far, great work on the developer
documentation !
I really like the plug-in architecture and the way you focused on a
stable and extend-able, well rounded core feature set.
I compared this to cloud9 and codiad and at first I was a bit scared by
the minimalistic UI of Orion in comparison
but I quickly learned to appreciate it.

Some feedback:
The only thing which is a bit cumbersome is the distinction between the
navigator and the editor.
I think most people would find it easier if that would be integrated
into one "perspective".
Left side navigator and right side the editor... ( like a mail program
or desktop  eclipse ).

My goal:
My goal is to provide an easy to use online IDE for WebGL development
using a custom WebGL engine.
So I would like to
1. auto inject/define the custom WebGL engine code ( it's a require.js
module ) and
2. provide an optional quick start project.

My approach:
I looked into 2. first because I saw this hello world example starter
project and figured I could easily add my own starter project.
( Keywords: "create new content" extension point, orion.core.content,
web\plugins\contentTemplates\ )

But after some extensive search I realized I couldn't find the links to
create content from the templates anymore.

Looking at the orion installation I found the templates in

I also found that they were both still registered in the
web\plugins\pageLinksPlugin.html file as orion.core.content extensions
but I could not find the links to create them in the UI anymore.

I assume this feature is removed in the current version on
( and Orion I20130521-2230 ).
Probably in favor of the new upload zip support. But I would prefer the
orion.core.content feature...

My Question:
Will this feature come back ?
I think it is/was a great feature and I hope you didn't remove it for
Is there a way to make these quick start content links appear again in
the current version ?

Kind regards,

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