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[orion-dev] welcome page

Hi Simon,

thanks for the positive and inviting feedback !

As for ideas: One of the things I have read Orion developers talk about and that other popular IDEs do is have a welcome page. I think that would be a great idea for Orion because if you first start it you feel a bit deserted / underwhelmed.

This welcome page could duplicate the links of the main menu: editor, git, site, shell, etc. but with a descriptive text for each. They would also have quick access links to the most recent: projects, repositories and sites under there respective section.

And of course I would incorporate the "getting started" orion.core.content templates here as well. ;-)

Maybe there could even be some room for the latest Orion news on such a page :)
And links to the user mailing list, Wiki (and/or Documentation).
( Just brainstorming a bit here... )

But maybe the news sections should only open up ( using CSS transitions ) to reveal more content on a click on "more..."
so we don't go the other extreme and suddenly overwhelm users.
( This section could then also be used to collect some basic usage stats btw. )

And there should be a link in the main menu to this page, "home" or "welcome page" or so.


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