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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 00:37 -0500, Jeff McAffer wrote:
> Such a tool would be interesting and there has been some work in that
> direction in the Apache Felix area.  They are looking mostly at
> manifest generation.  We have some different requirements (e.g., about
> file injection, hand crafted manifests, ...) that have partially
> driven the current approach.  The short answer then is no, the topic
> has not come up. 


> Having said that, what is happening here is not rocket science.
>  Basically we are taking built thing and adding a few files to it and
> JAR'ing it up.  Your build could, for example, check out the Orbit
> stuff, build the lib from source, replace the Orbit supplied compiled
> classes with your compiled classes and then "build" the orbit bundle.
>  Yucky perhaps but it would indeed work. 

Yeah, that's what we're currently doing with the jsch bundle but I need
to figure out how to automate this process or create the bundle with the
same methods you use.

> Remember, Orbit is for the most part not changing how we are shipping
> things or really even how they are produced, just where they are
> managed/created. 

Ok, good to know. Thanks.

> There will be an interesting question as to how you ensure that the
> thing you built is the same as what we ship from Eclipse but that is
> not unique to or brought on by Orbit. 

You're right about that, this is a general problem we face with what we
do. Considering that we don't build the SDK in the same way as you guys
do, I think this should be OK.

> ICU is a different kettle of fish.  ICU comes to us as bundles so we
> really don't do anything at all to it.  For simplicity I think we
> decided to explode the ICU budnle into CVS projects and then
> reassemble but that is goofy.  All we really need to do is figure out
> how to stash the original ICU bundles in a safe spot and then
> materialize them on the appropriate download page. 

I'm confused here. I think you currently provide the icu4j binaries and
what I'm asking for is for you guys to check the sources into CVS.

> In any event, ICU (and SSH) issues likely have to be taken up with the
> original projects. 

Do you mean with the ICU project and the JSCH project or with the
project at that uses these jars? If you suggest I contact
the ICU project, I suspect that I will be ignored as per my past
experience dealing with them when I found legitimate bugs. Since this is
kinda grey area I most certainly will be ignored. I think the ball is in
your court to create cvs modules for these plugins and have the icu4j
people check them in. But I think this is off topic. What list can I use
to discuss this? Releng-list?

Thanks, Ben

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