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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

Ben Konrath wrote on 01/17/2007 03:34:53 PM:
> Once Eclipse projects start using bundles provided by Orbit, we will no
> longer be able to symlink to the jars installed on the system. One
> possible solution is to build the Orbit bundle along with our regular
> build and create a sub-package that is exclusively used by our eclispe
> packages. For example, if we needed to use an orbit provided tomcat
> bundle, we would do a regular build of tomcat with the sources provided
> by apache and then use a tool to make the tomcat bundle, putting this
> bundle in a separate package. Our eclipse build and package would just
> require this tomcat eclipse package. Is there a tool to create these
> Orbit bundles from regular java jars? If not, are there any plans to
> create one?

Such a tool would be interesting and there has been some work in that direction in the Apache Felix area.  They are looking mostly at manifest generation.  We have some different requirements (e.g., about file injection, hand crafted manifests, ...) that have partially driven the current approach.  The short answer then is no, the topic has not come up.

Having said that, what is happening here is not rocket science.  Basically we are taking built thing and adding a few files to it and JAR'ing it up.  Your build could, for example, check out the Orbit stuff, build the lib from source, replace the Orbit supplied compiled classes with your compiled classes and then "build" the orbit bundle.  Yucky perhaps but it would indeed work.

Remember, Orbit is for the most part not changing how we are shipping things or really even how they are produced, just where they are managed/created.

There will be an interesting question as to how you ensure that the thing you built is the same as what we ship from Eclipse but that is not unique to or brought on by Orbit.

> Speaking of which, the icu4j bundles included with the SDK currently
> require Eclipse to generate the build files. Is this something that can
> be addressed with the efforts of this project? Or should I just file a
> bug to resolve this problem. My naive solution would be to import the
> contributed icu4j plugin sources into cvs and generate the build files
> in the same way that build files are currently generated for the other
> plugins in the SDK.

ICU is a different kettle of fish.  ICU comes to us as bundles so we really don't do anything at all to it.  For simplicity I think we decided to explode the ICU budnle into CVS projects and then reassemble but that is goofy.  All we really need to do is figure out how to stash the original ICU bundles in a safe spot and then materialize them on the appropriate download page.

In any event, ICU (and SSH) issues likely have to be taken up with the original projects.

Hope that helps

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