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Re: [orbit-dev] building orbit bundles

Ben Konrath wrote on 01/18/2007 11:14:25 AM:

> On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 00:37 -0500, Jeff McAffer wrote:
> > ICU is a different kettle of fish.  ICU comes to us as bundles so we
> > really don't do anything at all to it.  For simplicity I think we
> > decided to explode the ICU budnle into CVS projects and then
> > reassemble but that is goofy.  All we really need to do is figure out
> > how to stash the original ICU bundles in a safe spot and then
> > materialize them on the appropriate download page.
> I'm confused here. I think you currently provide the icu4j binaries and
> what I'm asking for is for you guys to check the sources into CVS.

We currently get the ICU binary and source bundles directly from the ICU team and simply include them in the build.  No ziping, tarring, jaring, slicing, dicing or even julien'ing.  The complete built bundles do happen to be in CVS somewhere to facilitate repeatable builds but they are just stashed there in complete, built form.  Does a source JAR in the form we currently ship work for you?

> > In any event, ICU (and SSH) issues likely have to be taken up with the
> > original projects.
> Do you mean with the ICU project and the JSCH project or with the
> project at that uses these jars? If you suggest I contact
> the ICU project, I suspect that I will be ignored as per my past
> experience dealing with them when I found legitimate bugs. Since this is
> kinda grey area I most certainly will be ignored. I think the ball is in
> your court to create cvs modules for these plugins and have the icu4j
> people check them in. But I think this is off topic. What list can I use
> to discuss this? Releng-list?

Unfortunately I did mean the ICU and SSH projects.  Basically assume that Eclipse was out of your picture but you were including some random wad of Java code for some function and that wad used ICU.  Would you expect the project creating the wad to also have the source for ICU in their repo?  Map this out to people who use commons logging, log4j etc etc.  

BTW, what do you do for JSCH?  We don't even have/ship source for that.


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